Be with us: Become an immunity donor!

Become part of our non-profit community and register as an immuniy donor after your Covid-19 disease. Then your donation can soon save lives or protect others

It is very easy!

Immunity donation wins antibodies and saves lives!

An immunity donation is nothing more than a blood donation. You donate a small amount of plasma. You hardly notice that yourself. Then your plasma is processed so that it can be used to treat seriously ill people.

The probability of survival for many diseases improves significantly. Current studies show that this also applies to Covid-19.

And if we win enough immunity donors, the donation can be used to protect particularly vulnerable people like doctors, nurses or old and previously ill people from infection. This is called passive immunization.

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Covid-19 therapy

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Corona antibody donation as prevention


Protect doctors, nurses and other vulnerable groups and prevent an infection.

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Immunity donation supports co-immunity against Corona


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Frequently asked questions

Who can become an immunity donor?

Anyone who has completely recovered from a corona disease can become an immunity donor. As a result, your body has produced the much needed antibodies. If you are not sure, this is not a problem. Your blood will be checked for medical fitness in the donation center anyway. Otherwise, the physical requirements that apply to a normal blood plasma donation apply here, too.

How can I become an immunity donor?

Nice that you want to help people! Please register here on the page with your email address and a telephone number, under which we can contact you. We will then take care of an appointment with a donation center near you.

Is the immunity donation a 'normal' blood donation?

No. The immunity donation is a plasma donation. The blood plasma with the antibodies is separated from the other components of the blood. Since the cellular components of the blood are returned to you, unlike in a 'normal' whole blood donation, an immunity donation is more tolerable for most donors and can be carried out more frequently.

Do I loose my own immunity after an immunity donation?

No. The amount of blood plasma that is taken from you is so small that an immunity donation has no effect on your immunization against the coronavirus. Once you have got through the disease, your immune system continues to produce enough antibodies.