DOWABO supports immunity donors

High quality vacuum flasks - that is the passion of Ingo Schröder, owner of DOWABO. The premium manufacturer supports the 'Initiative Immunspender' with engraved bottles for the first 50 immune donors

Köln, 11.04.2020

A thankyou for the first 50 immuniy donors!

What is more important than saving lives? "Nothing!",  says DOWABO managing director Ingo Schröder. The company therefore provides an engraved immunity donor vacuum flask for the first 50 immunity donors. "Commitment to others must be recognized. A memento of your own efforts as a donor for patients with Covid-19 is exactly what it takes so that this time is never forgotten," continues Schröder.

As a matter of fact, the crisis has its positive side: there is unprecedented commitment to one another in parts of society. This ranges from shopping services to errands to conversations by phone or video chat. We are moving together! An vacuum flask becomes a trophy in a time when every good thought is worth gold, or, as they say today, more valuable than flour and toilet paper.

Thank you for these memorabilia!

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